Kisan Sanchar

Authentic and Actionable information has a great role in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry. In India we have two type of Extension System, one is Government and other one is private. The Government Extension System cannot serve each and every famer as there are multiple agencies involved with diverse mandate and farmer requires single window for fulfilling the need of authentic and actionable information. On the other side private extension system is base on the idea of selling something directly or indirectly to farmers. That is why they have very small bandwidth for fulfilling the diverse demands of the farmers. Kisan Sanchar Mobile App concept is an effort to serve farmer by linking him with all authentic sources of information through a single window so that he can take informed decision and save his time and valuable natural resources like water. Kisan Sanchar Mobile amplifies the Government's effort to connect all the farmers with reliable sources of knowledge. The main objectives of Kisan Sanchar are as under:

  • To connect farmers with Government's Research Institutions and Departments so that they may receive authentic and actionable information on time.

  • To connect farmers at block level with all important stakeholders of agriculture and animal husbandry activities so that whenever they feel that they require information they can get it from single source.

  • To connect farmers with grassroots innovators and stake holders.

  • To spark spirit of experimentation and learning among farmers.

  • To connect farmers with consumers and provide opportunities for increasing mutual confidence.

  • To fulfill the training needs of the farmers.

  • To provide career counseling to the heirs of farmers so that they can opt better courses and get jobs to support their families.

  • To make available local market rates, weather information, agro advisories to farmers.

  • To provide relevant information about Government Schemes available at local level.

  • To help farmers in getting relevant information on entrepreneurship and business development.